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The Ultra High Risk Strategy:

Ultra High Risk

Using leverage to get returns of 35.67% per year with an extremely risky strategy.


The High-Risk Strategy:


Using leverage to get returns of 28.48% per year with a high risk strategy. Click the link to learn more.


Recommended Financial Services:


Use these recommended financial services to kick start your investment and savings habits – from budgeting , to investment platforms, to recommended credit cards. 



Informed Financials is about helping you make better and informed financial decisions in your life. Using academic theories and research to lead to better returns and better decisions. Much of this website is devoted to traditional advice with some highly risky but well researched investment strategy to enhance returns.
Informed Financials is operated by Kendon. He’s spent his undergrad getting a degree in economics and learning about the market. Then after college Kendon has worked for various world class investment banks and does financial analysis.

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